Business and Commercial Litigation

Business Torts and Statutory Causes of Action

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Houston Harbaugh, P.C., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has substantial experience representing clients in business tort litigation. Contracts are an essential part of business, but contracts alone do not always define the rights and obligations between the parties to a business relationship. Under certain circumstances, so-called "business torts" and statutory causes of action may also create a basis for liability. Business torts may take various forms, but their primary purpose is generally to redress harms or injuries that are not covered by contract. Some examples of business torts include negligence, negligent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, commercial disparagement, and defamation. Similarly, legislation, such as Pennsylvania's Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, the federal RICO statute, and the state and federal fraudulent conveyance statutes, also are commonly invoked in the context of business relationships.

Our attorneys have represented companies, as well as their directors, officers, and employees, in numerous cases involving business torts. These torts have arisen out of a wide range of business dealings and relationships that have included intellectual property transactions, real estate ventures, insurance agreements, and various other types of commercial dealings involving businesses.

Complex Contract Litigation

The attorneys at Houston Harbaugh, P.C., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have extensive experience representing local and national business clients in complex business contract litigation. Often, business disputes center around a contract. They are part and parcel of the operations of any business, no matter how large or how small. Many times these contracts are written, but other times they are not. Sometimes these contracts are extraordinarily detailed, while other times they might memorialize only the most basic terms of the parties' agreement. In business, contracts may take many forms and involve a wide range of subjects. Accordingly, when a contract dispute arises or seems imminent, it is important for a party to understand its rights and obligations under the contract in dispute.

Our attorneys have experience advising, litigating, and trying contract cases that touch upon virtually every aspect of business. These contracts include services contracts, goods contracts under U.C.C. Article 2, secured collateral agreements under U.C.C. Article 9, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, license agreements, commercial leases, real estate purchase agreements, and franchise agreements, just to name a few.

Business Litigation. Pittsburgh Strong.® DTSALaw®