Closing Assistance

Once all parties are ready to proceed to closing, we will coordinate with buyers, sellers, lenders and their respective counsel, along with the title company, to ensure all necessary documents are executed, delivered and exchanged on time.

  • - Representation of a commercial developer in the acquisition of a 50-acre tract. This 11-month project included: obtaining approval of a 54-lot four phase master plan for construction of $600,000 plus homes; assisting the developer at all stages of the approval process including negotiations with Penn DOT for highway access and the USACE regarding wetland encroachment permit; and drafting restrictive covenants.
  • - Representation of a developer in connection with the region's largest brownfield development, a 300+ acre mixed-use town center including commercial office space, retail shops, entertainment and dining as well as more than 200 residential lots for single family, carriage homes and townhouses. This ongoing project has included assisting the developer at all stages of the approval, development, construction and financing of the project, including complex environmental issues arising from the conversion of portions of the development from a prior chemical manufacturing facility to an innovative town center development.
  • - Representation of a nonprofit organization in the acquisition and construction financing of an additional satellite office location.
  • - Representation of a national real estate company in the acquisition of a regional shopping mall with complex purchase and finance issues.