Intellectual Property Audit Services

Intangible intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, trade dress, rights of publicity, etc.) can be some of the most valuable properties a company has. Companies that understand what rights they have and make sure that these rights are enforceable and properly protected obtain a distinct competitive advantage over those companies that do not.

As part of our intellectual property practice, the lawyers at Houston Harbaugh, P.C., conduct intellectual property audits on behalf of their clients in which they evaluate a company's intellectual property and recommend ways to maintain and expand those rights.

What Is Covered By an Intellectual Property Audit

As part of this IP audit, we review a company's IP portfolio to determine what protectable property rights exist, whether those rights are currently protected and enforceable, and what steps the company should take going forward, either to maintain those rights or expand them. Our attorneys recognize that there can be a balance between the costs to obtain and maintain these IP rights and the competitive advantages these rights confer. So, we help companies to prioritize these issues to strike the appropriate balance.

IP audits can be as narrow or as broad as the client desires. We can conduct focused audits on particular aspects of a company's IP portfolio, such as determining whether patent and trademark rights are up-to-date and whether the company has secured the proper ownership or licensing rights. Or, we can conduct comprehensive IP audits, in which we work with a company to explore its entire business and review all of the associated intellectual property rights. We can identify deficiencies in the IP portfolio and possible points of legal exposure for the company to assess. We can then recommend steps the company can take to strengthen and expand its portfolio.

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  • Representation of battery testing manufacturer in litigation and on appeal.
  • Representation of a commercial lighting manufacturer in litigating patent infringement claims.
  • Representation of medical and pharmaceutical products manufacturers in patent , unfair competition and false advertising matters.
  • The representation of a metals manufacturer in a trademark dispute.
  • Advising a small business client regarding copyright and trademark rights and defending his business against attempts to invalidate those rights.
  • Defending a natural gas exploration company against a patent invalidation lawsuit and prosecuting a counterclaim for patent infringement.
  • The representation of minority members of a green technology limited liability company in a shareholders' derivative action against the majority member for violations of RICO, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • The representation of a Fortune 500 telecommunications company against a foreign manufacturer for misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract.
  • Representation of a telecommunications company in federal litigation brought under Federal Trademark Dilution Act and Digital Millennium Copyright Act by a designer and manufacturer of networked communications systems and related software.
  • Representation of a Dutch corporation which owned the exclusive rights and license to the "total image" of one of the world's foremost tennis superstars in action against defendant corporation for breach of endorsement contracts.
  • Advising a franchise business regarding the need for specialty intellectual property insurance coverage and reviewing several competing proposed insurance policies.
  • Providing opinions and opinion letters to individuals and companies on patent and trademark rights, risks and liabilities.
  • Representing employers and employees in disputes over intellectual property licensing, royalties and ownership.
  • Defending Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies against claims of patent infringement.