Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation

  • Bankruptcy Trustee v United States Department of Justice, IRS, (Bankr. W.D. Pa. 2006). Represented Bankruptcy Trustee in action to collect $10 million tax refund for FICA taxes paid on behalf of medical residents while enrolled in educational program.
  • Acordia of W. Va., Inc. v. Scharffen berger, (Bankr. W.D.Pa.) Represented Bankruptcy trustee in action to obtain in excess of $800,000 in interpled funds as the result of insurance refunds. Obtained verdict after bench trial for majority of funds. Published at 312 B.R. 58 (W.D.Pa 2004).
  • Allegheny Health, Education and Research Foundation v. Risk Management Alternatives, Inc., (Bankr. W.D.Pa. 2003). Represented Bankruptcy trustee in action to recover preferential payments to collection agency. Obtained verdict from court after two day bench trial, which was affirmed on appeal by the District Court. Published at 292 B.R. 68 (W.D.Pa Bankr. 2003).
  • In re: Insolvent Securities Broker/Dealer, (Bankr. C.D. Ca. 1988). Represented Bankruptcy Trustee of major stockbroker/dealer corporation in various actions against corporate officers and insider investors for recovery of funds obtained through fraud and insider trading.