Commercial Litigation

  • Buyer, LLC v. Limited Partnership, (D. Colo 2006). Represented limited partnership in action by buyer of real estates to enforce provisions of indemnity agreement for asbestos removal from building.
  • Owner v. Restaurant Chain, (M.D. Pa. 2002). Represented corporate tenant in action by landlord for breach of three lease agreements. Conducted two day Court ordered arbitration and settled matter during mediation for less than one third of claimed amount.
  • ABC Securities Corp v. XYZ Technologies, Inc., ( Delaware State Court, 2000). Represented Corporation in action by securities financing company related to financing agreement for merger between client and third party. Obtained defense verdict.
  • Tenant v. Commercial Building Owner, (W.D.Pa. 1998). Represented owner of major downtown commercial building in action by anchor tenant related to lease provisions allowing tenet to approve retail tenants in building.
  • Shareholder v. Partnership Management Co. et. al., (W.D.Pa. 1997). Represented partner defendants in civil RICO action brought by former shareholder, related to alleged misrepresentation related to value of stock shares. Obtained dismissal by summary judgment.
  • Steel Company, Inc. v. Surety Broker et. al. (Common Pleas Allegheny County Pa. 1996). Represented Corporation and shareholders in action against former surety broker and law firm for recovery of lost profits, resulting from undisclosed tailing liabilities, related to sale of shares of company to purchaser. Obtained favorable verdict on liability from court after 2 week bench trial.
  • ABC Steel Corporation v. Equipment Seller, (U.S. Dist Ct. Ga. /Atlanta. 1991). Represented seller of eccentric bottom tapping electric arc furnace and roller (steel making equipment) in action by buyer for recovery of $20 million for alleged breach of contract. Obtained Summary Judgment.
  • Seller v. ABC Shopping Center, Inc., (Common Pleas, Center County Pa. 1990). Represented seller of real estate in action to confess judgment against buyers for breach of seller financed loan agreement. Prevailed in trial court, and on appeal to Pennsylvania Superior Court and Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Defeated petition for writ of certiorari to United States Supreme Court.