Insurance Coverage Litigation

  • ABC v. XYZ Insurance Company, (W.D.Pa. 2006). Represented coal company in action to obtain insurance coverage related to acid mine drainage and environmental clean-up costs
  • XYZ Corporation v. ABC Insurance Co., (Common Pleas Beaver County Pa. 1999). Represented Corporation in action against insurer for coverage related to costs of environmental remediation of three sites contaminated with heavy metals. Multi-million dollar Settlement after argument on summary judgment motions.
  • ABC Assurance Company v. Steel Company and Insurance Broker Inc., (E.D. Pa. 1991) Represented co-defendant in Declaratory Judgment action by insurer seeking to avoid liability for work related death of client's employee while on site at steel mill. Obtained by Summary Judgment declaration that insurer was obligated to pay defense and indemnity costs of client in underlying wrongful death action. Available at 1991 U .S. Dist. LEXIS 8539