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Coronavirus, Chinese LNG Imports & Force Majeure: A Canary in a Coal Mine?


Pressure continues to mount on the Chinese economy as fears of the coronavirus mount. Though the Chinese government has taken steps to halt the spread of the virus, the impact of the virus is widespread, marked by decreased trade and commerce and citizens fearful of contracting the virus.

When it Comes to Retaliation, Timing Isn't Everything - Third Circuit Reinforces that Temporal Proximity Must be Considered with Other Evidence of Causation

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Are You Prepared for a Religious Accommodation Request? Third Circuit Finds Employer's Approach Proper


Supreme Court of PA Holds That an Increase in UIM Coverage Requires Auto Insurers to Offer Opportunity to Waive Stacking

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Third Circuit Takes a Deep Dive Into the "Four Corners" Rule and Whether Faulty Work Constitutes an "Occurrence" in Sapa Extrusions, Inc. v Liberty Mutual Ins. Co.

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Uncharted Territory of Medical Marijuana and Employment Law in Pennsylvania Demonstrated by Police Officer's Administrative Leave

Medical Marijuana