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Federal Coronavirus Relief Act Update

Here are a few updates from the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) on the federal Families First Coronavirus Relief Act passed last week:

  • This law goes into effect April 1, 2020 [Note: Contrary indications were given in a joint I.R.S., Treasury Dept., and DOL news release last Friday that employers can immediately begin taking advantage of the Relief Act payments and their dollar-for-dollar reimbursement from the I.R.S.]
  • DOL has prepared a model notice that employers can use to meet their requirement to post in their workplaces a notice of the Act’s requirements-a link to this DOL model notice is provided here, along with a link to the DOL’s explanations on where and how to make this notice available
  • DOL expects to issue regulations in early April addressing many of the details and questions under the Act.

Here’s a link to our update last Thursday describing this law. Since the DOL regulations will likely come after this law is in effect, you may contact the following Houston Harbaugh attorneys to deal with your issues in the meantime.

Craig M. Brooks– 412-288-2214

Catherine S. Loeffler– 412-288-2262


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