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Why industry leaders should partner with an attorney

For 45 years and counting, industry leaders in Pittsburgh and across the nation have relied on the expertise of the attorneys at Houston Harbaugh, P.C.

Having a staff of legal experts in targeted practice areas allows us to provide a wide variety of consultation and litigation services. We cater to the legal needs of both corporations and individual clients. So, partnering with an attorney may create more freedom for you to sharply focus on the day to day needs of your company and/or taking care of your family.

Below are specific ways our attorneys can assist with business, employment, real estate, insurance and estate planning law matters.

Business and employment law

Perhaps you are a leader at a corporation or health care institution. If that’s the case, our experts can help with:

  • Navigating the legal ins and outs of acquisitions and sales
  • Developing contracts
  • Solidifying joint ventures and partnerships
  • Creating shareholder agreements
  • Protecting and licensing intellectual property
  • Business succession planning

Maybe you are creating a tech start-up of your own or you are planning to launch a non-profit organization. In either scenario, an attorney can help with business formation, raising capital and obtaining bank financing.

Overseeing a couple or hundreds of employees requires strict adherence to anti-discrimination and wage and hour laws. Our attorneys can defend your company against employment or labor law claims. We also offer counseling on putting together employee benefit plans.

Commercial real estate and landowners

As a developer, you can lean on us for guidance on real estate transactions. You can also consult our legal experts to ensure you are complying with laws surrounding toxic waste disposal and pollution management at your sites.

We can also help with the legalities of leasing, purchasing and selling commercial or residential spaces that you don’t plan to build from the ground up. This may include finished office buildings, retail spaces and apartment complexes.

Plus, landowners, including those with and without intentions to develop, may benefit from our professional direction on oil and gas laws. Counsel on protecting royalties, drafting leases and carrying out pipeline right-of-way negotiations is just a sampling of the aid we can provide.

Insurance coverage and bad faith

We’ve helped insurance companies settle coverage and bad faith claims both in and outside of the court room. The insurance companies we represented in the past offered policies ranging from commercial general liability insurance to life and disability insurance.

Estates and trusts

As a hard-working individual, you owe it to yourself to protect all the assets you’ve attained. An attorney well-versed in estate and trust planning can help your family make sounds decisions. It’s also never too early to think about your plan for covering potential assisted living expenses.

Working with an attorney may set you up for success in future business endeavors and create financial security for you and your family for many years to come.


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