Estates and Trusts

Under the new regulations, the VA will be implementing, among other changes, a three year lookback period on transfers made of “covered assets”. […]

Anyone who owns a retirement account or insurance policy should be aware of the distinction between assets that pass under a Will and assets that pass outside of a Will. […]

The New Year is a good time to refresh your estate plan. Does it meet your current needs – what’s changed in your life since it was last updated? Have you discussed your wishes with your family? […]

Your will and estate plan cannot remain static even if nothing changes with your wishes. If your ultimate goal is to direct where your possessions go when you are no longer able to make those decisions, the best approach is to build a periodic review into the process. […]

Houston Harbaugh is pleased to welcome Lisa A. Fredette, CFP® to the Estates and Trusts Practice as an Estate Administration Paralegal. […]

Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the cost of assisted living, but Veterans may be eligible to receive financial aid with the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit. […]

Without long-term care insurance, the only choice is to self-insure until assets are exhausted, then apply for help from the government. […]

An unintended consequence of living longer lives is the growth of elder abuse. Learn about the types and tell-tale signs of abuse, and legal measures you can take to prevent or remedy the abuse […]

Approximately 50% of all seniors will need a high level of long-term care for two years; few people have sufficient savings to cover the costs. […]

Gifts are subject to a federal tax, but an exemption is available to shelter cumulative gifts within the threshold […]