Houston Harbaugh is pleased to welcome Erik M. Bergenthal as an Associate in our Litigation practice. […]

This presentation will provide an overview of systems and processes, including the mechanics of a collection action – from the first friendly reminder to litigation, and the steps to take when your customer files for bankruptcy. […]

A non-compete agreement may be challenged for a lack of consideration even though the agreement says that the parties “intend to be legally bound” […]

Recovering the attorneys’ fees you incurred: Why it is good practice to have your contracting documents examined by an attorney. […]

When an individual who is 18 years of age or older cannot represent himself, speak on his own behalf, give informed consent, formulate and apply judgment, or understand likely consequences of behavior, he probably needs […]

A recent amendment to the Pennsylvania Mechanic’s Lien Law clarifies open-ended mortgages and limits subcontractors’ lien rights.

Since the tenant vacated the premises, that “stuff” should be the landlord’s to do with as she sees fit, right? Not quite.

Pennsylvania’s Filial Support Law Can Hold Children Responsible for Their Parents’ Medical Expenses.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court concluded that “in Pennsylvania the attorney-client privilege operates in a two-way fashion to protect confidential client-to-attorney or attorney-to-client communications […]”

Can a customer ask for their money back if they paid you before filing for bankruptcy? Yes. Learn how to respond and to prevent a bankruptcy preference claim.