Oil and Gas

By Robert J. Burnett   The development and processing of raw natural gas requires a constant and reliable energy source.  Critical operations such as compression, separation, […]

By Robert J. Burnett  In a landmark decision on April 2, 2018, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the “Rule of Capture” does not apply […]

By Robert J. Burnett  As more and more horizontal well bores are being drilled across Pennsylvania, landowners are now keeping a closer eye on the […]

By Robert J. Burnett  As the Marcellus Shale development enters its fifteenth year, drillers are becoming more creative and aggressive in their effort to avoid […]

A recent decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals suggests that drillers have an implied duty and obligation to obtain the highest and best price when selling gas. […]

A Federal jury in the Northern District of WV found that EQT Production Company breached the parties’ oil/gas lease by utilizing the “work back” method to calculate the landowner’s royalty. This case serves as a reminder that the actual language in the lease must be followed and given effect. […]

Oil and Gas attorney Robert Burnett presents an update on post-production costs and royalty litigation on August 16, 2018. […]

Robert J. Burnett has been re-elected to the Pennsylvania chapter of the National Association of Royalty Owners Board of Directors for a third consecutive term. A member of its legislative committee, he has been active in NARO’s ongoing effort to amend and clarify Pennsylvania’s Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act. […]

Oil and Gas attorney Robert Burnett to Host PBI Webinar on Briggs v. Southwestern Energy Production, Co. on May 3, 2018. […]

Landmark decision by PA Superior Court – “rule of capture” does not apply to frac fissures that extend under unleased parcels. Driller cannot remove hydrocarbons from the shale formations beneath your property unless you have signed an oil and gas lease […]