Employment Law Made Simple Seminar

Hosted by SMC Business Councils

Thursday, March 10, 2016
8:00 – 10:00 am
SMC Office | Cranberry Township, PA
Open to Non-SMC Members

Employment attorney Craig Brooks has been invited by SMC Business Councils to cut through the clutter of confusing employment laws and give executives and non-HR managers the knowledge to minimize employment claims and increase the chances of prevailing in a case against the company.

While most employment law seminars inundate you with an alphabet soup of confusing laws and complicated descriptions, this “plain talk” program takes a different approach by discussing the central theme behind most employment law claims and issues. It will explain the legal trap and how to avoid it. This program delivers a common sense way for you to accomplish your organization’s goals while preventing and prevailing in employment law claims. You’ll learn:

  • The common theme and central approach behind most employment laws, explained in common sense.
  • How discrimination can be implied.
  • Areas of employment law where common sense does not apply.
  • How to make more effective use of your HR staff.