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Cybersecurity and Protecting Against Data Breaches

The business lawyers at Houston Harbaugh, P.C., are here to assist in addressing the cybersecurity issues facing companies today. A comprehensive set of issues must be addressed to aid companies in minimizing the risk of cybersecurity breaches and to aid companies not if, but when, a data breach occurs.

Data breaches are one of the biggest risks facing companies today. Companies must take action to prepare for the worst and to react quickly when it does. Cybersecurity takes a team to protect companies and their data through security programs, security awareness training, and annual security audits.

Data breaches are the ultimate sneak attack. A company’s computer systems can be breached for weeks, months and even years without the breach being detected. Once detected, what action must the company take? A team that includes attorneys, company executives, law enforcement, IT and human resource management should be in place and prepared to address the various problems that arise. These problems include legal issues —regulatory compliance, protection of intellectual property, recovery of losses, and litigation —technical issues, notification issues, customer relations, public relations, and insurance issues.

Our cybersecurity attorneys Henry Sneath and Kelly Williams recently presented “The Potential Consequences of Data Breach on Compromise or Infringement of Intellectual Property” at the 2015 USLAW Network Legal Leaders and Corporate Counsel Exchange in Chicago, Illinois. They organized, moderated, and presented a multi-panel discussion on “Protecting Your Business in the Digital Age” program at this USLAW meeting.

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