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Fair Credit Reporting Act

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Fair Credit Reporting Act

Fair Credit Reporting Act


The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a complex federal law that regulates creditors and credit reporting agencies. The FCRA provides statutory damages including attorney fees to a successful plaintiff, so seemingly minor violations can have significant consequences for defendants. The FCRA’s pro-consumer provisions attract plaintiffs’ lawyers who specialize in “repeat” litigation and also pro se lawsuits filed by consumers themselves.

Attorney Jason Spak from the Pittsburgh law firm of Picadio Sneath has defended credit reporting agencies, credit resellers, and creditors in scores of FCRA lawsuits since 2003, often serving as national or “quarterback” counsel in single-consumer lawsuits from Maine to California and from Minnesota to Texas. Mr. Spak and attorney Alan Miller have also defended class action lawsuits alleging systematic violations of the FCRA by retailers and credit reporting agencies.

The firm’s lawyers understand that most FCRA suits are small cases that can have big consequences. We review not just the facts and the law, but also the expressed needs of the plaintiff and his or her counsel, before helping clients to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively through litigation or settlement. Mr. Spak has filed successful motions for judgment on the pleadings or for summary judgment in a number of different federal courts, but he often resolves cases through settlement where that approach makes more sense for the client.

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