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Oil and gas development can present unique and complex issues that can be intimidating and challenging. At Houston Harbaugh, our oil and gas practice is dedicated to protecting the interests of landowners and royalty owners. From new lease negotiations to title disputes to royalty litigation, we can help. Whether you have 2 acres in Washington County or 5,000 acres in Lycoming County, our dedication and commitment remains the same.

The Oil and Gas attorneys at Houston Harbaugh have broad experience in a wide array of oil and gas matters, and have made it their mission to protect and preserve the landowner’s interests in matters that include:

  • New Lease Negotiations
  • Pipeline Right-of-Way Negotiations
  • Surface Access Agreements
  • Royalty Audits
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Lease Expiration Claims
  • Curative Title Litigation
  • Water Contamination Claims

Land owner seeks compensation from EQT for sale of hydrocarbons 
06.05.2018 | West Virginia Record | Samuel H. Simon mentioned as representative counsel

Pennsylvania Superior Court Rejects Rule of Capture in Subsurface Trespass Suit

West Virginia Moves to Prohibit Drillers From Taking Deductions Which Reduce Net Royalty Below 12.5%

Tenth Circuit Rules That Obligation to Pay Royalty on Fuel Gas Depends on Lease Language

Ohio Supreme Court Declines to Recognize Implied Covenant of Further Exploration

New Legislation May Allow Drillers to Revive Expired Oil and Gas Leases

Federal District Court in Ohio Rules That Chesapeake Did Not Breach Lease When it Deducted Costs From Royalty

West Virginia Jury Awards Damages to Surface Owner for Unauthorized Well Pad

New Royalty Bill HB 1708 Will Not Help Pennsylvania Landowners

Claim Based on Implied Covenant to Market Gas to Move Forward in Federal Royalty Litigation

Non-Producing Oil and Gas Lease Deemed Abandoned by the Pennsylvania Superior Court

Why the New Minimum Royalty Bill is Constitutional and Good for Pennsylvania

Landowners Beware: Warranty Clause in Oil and Gas Lease Can Obligate Landowner to Repay Signing Bonus

West Virginia Supreme Court to Reconsider Landmark Decision in Leggett v. EQT Production Company

The Difference Between a “Royalty” and a “Royalty Interest” Can Be Confusing and Costly For Landowners

West Virginia Supreme Court Declares that Minimum Royalty Statute Does Not Authorize the Deduction of Post-Production Costs

Ohio Supreme Court Declines to Adopt Blanket “At the Well” Rule

Downturn in Oil and Gas Market Has Estate Planning Benefits

HB 1391: Putting Teeth Back in Pennsylvania’s Minimum Royalty Statute

Pooling Clause Not Necessary: West Virginia Court Finds Implied Right to Pool Exists Where Lease Silent

Driller Has No Obligation to Pay Royalty on Lost Gas

Pennsylvania Landowners May Not Own Oil and Gas Rights Under Rivers and Streams

Federal Court in Pittsburgh Questions Applicability of Kilmer Decision

Ohio Supreme Court Observes That Driller Cannot Maintain Lease Indefinitely by Paying Delay Rentals

Is the Implied Covenant of Reasonable Development Irrelevant?
PA Law Weekly | 10.20.15

Court Rules Severance Tax Does Not Increase Value Of Shale Gas, Therefore Not A Deductible Post-Production Cost

Landowners May Face Difficult Burden Regarding Intermingled Gas
PA Law Weekly | 08.11.15

Legislation Revived to Protect Royalty Owners in Pennsylvania

A Possible Blueprint for Landowners Challenging Pipeline Companies
PA Law Weekly | 06.16.15

Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells – More Than Just a Rusty Eyesore

Not All is Quiet on the Quiet Title Front
PA Law Weekly | 02.09.15

Good News for Landowners Means Bad News for Trespassers
PA Law Weekly | 12.16.14

PUC Decision Suggests Pipeline Operator Has Public Utility Status
PA Law Weekly | 10.28.14

Local Zoning Ordinances May Hinder Oil/Gas Development

Pipeline Operators: Public Utility or Pipeline Futility
PA Law Weekly | 8.19.14

Superior Court Breathes New Life Into Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act
PA Law Weekly | 2.25.14

The Status Quo Restored. The background of the decision that put the ‘Dunham Rule’ back in place.
The Pennsylvania Lawyer | September/October.13

Has Forced Pooling Come to Pennsylvania With SB 259?
PA Law Weekly | 10.13.13

Failure to Tender Production Royalty Did Not Trigger Forfeiture Clause
PA Law Weekly | 12.31.13

Is Pa. Becoming a First-Marketable-Product Jurisdiction?
PA Law Weekly | 10.15.13

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