Probate, Estates, and Trusts Litigation. Elder Law

“My dad died a few months ago. I just learned dad’s neighbor, Ned, claims to have a copy of his Will which leaves everything to Ned. Ned also is claiming this Will was signed just weeks before dad died. This cannot be right. Last year, dad showed me his Will which left everything to my sister and me. Not to mention, dad was having memory problems in the months before he died. How do I resolve this issue and make sure my sister and I receive our rightful inheritance?”

We can help you evaluate your options. We are skilled and experienced with probate, estates, and trust litigation in Orphans’ Court.

It may not seem aptly named as a jurisdiction to handle feuds over wills and estates, but in its early history, Orphans’ Court was established to protect orphaned children and their right to their family’s estate. Over time, this court came to expand its purpose to resolve issues for people unable to care for themselves as well as issues pertaining to the administration of decedents’ wills and estates.

Members of our Estates and Trusts practice group alongside members of our Litigation practice group have years of experience working together representing clients in Orphans’ Court with matters such as:

  • Wills and Trusts disputes
  • Elder Law: Planning, Counseling, Litigation (For more information on Elder Law please see our content at:
  • Legal guardianship
    • Guardianship of minor’s estate or person
    • Guardian Ad Litem for a minor involved in litigation (e.g. an estate administration)
    • Guardianship of person or estate of a special needs adult
    • Limited or Full (Plenary) Guardianship of person or estate of an impaired or incapacitated adult
  • Undue influence
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty by: Power of Attorney, Trustee, Executor/Administrator, Guardian
  • Defending fiduciaries – Power of Attorney, Trustee, Executor/Administrator – from law suits brought against them by beneficiaries and others