Matthew J. Lautman

Director 412-288-5017 VCard

A litigation attorney, Matt primarily represents businesses and individuals in commercial disputes in both federal and state court. Matt’s experience in these areas includes:

  • Breach of contract claims (including collection actions)
  • Construction defect claims
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Non-competition/non-solicitation claims
  • Mechanic’s Lien claims

As part of his creditor’s rights practice, Matt consults with clients about their overall credit process and contracting documents. In this capacity, he seeks to improve efficiencies and develop practices and procedures that may increase the likelihood of payment or collection. Matt routinely represents companies in adversary actions, including preference claims and fraudulent transfer claims.

In addition, Matt frequently represents individuals in will and estate disputes in state orphans’ court. This work involves matters such as:

  • Defending claims against the estate
  • Beneficiaries contesting wills and trusts
  • Principals and interested parties seeking accountings of the actions of an agent with a power of attorney
  • Individuals seeking to reform trust documents
  • Contract Law for Design Professionals
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Shaking Hands With the Rule
  • Protect Your Business Now in Case a Customer Stops Paying Later
  • Considerations When Dealing with a Distressed and/or Bankrupt Customer
  • The Fair Share Act: How It Changes Comparative Negligence in Pennsylvania
  • Mistakes that Cost your Business Money…and how to avoid them
  • Construction Projects:  On Time and On Budget