Today, as it has been for 40 years, our goal is to partner with every client. Our attorneys take the time necessary to fully understand your needs so that we can be focused, responsive, positive and find the best solution for you.

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News & Updates

  • Higher Salary Minimum Requirements Announced for Overtime Exempt Employees The U.S. Department of Labor today, May 18, 2016, issued a new rule increasing the minimum salary that must be paid to employees not entitled to overtime pay. […] More
  • Bradley J. Franc Named to Pennsylvania Super Lawyers 2016 Attorney Bradley J. Franc was selected to the “2016 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers” list. He concentrates his legal practice in the areas of business planning, commercial transactions, federal and state tax issues, and estate and succession planning. […] More
  • Celebrities Who Die Without a Will Leave a Dubious Warning A family feud isn’t the worst potential outcome of dying without a will. Not having your assets go where you would like them to is the biggest misfortune. […] More
  • Driller Has No Obligation to Pay Royalty on Lost Gas Landowners who have an oil and gas lease with a “proceeds royalty” clause will not receive royalties on unaccounted gas, as reaffirmed by a recent court case. Negotiating a lease with alternative clauses can help mitigate the effect of lost gas on royalty calculations. […] More
  • Pennsylvania Landowners May Not Own Oil and Gas Rights Under Rivers and Streams Pennsylvania landowners are discovering that portions of their oil and gas holdings might actually be owned by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. […] More
  • Houston Harbaugh Announces 2016 Executive Committee and Officers March 16, 2016 | Houston Harbaugh today announced the election of its three-member Executive Committee and Officers. […] More
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