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  • Pennsylvania Landowners May Not Own Oil and Gas Rights Under Rivers and Streams Pennsylvania landowners are discovering that portions of their oil and gas holdings might actually be owned by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. […] More
  • Houston Harbaugh Announces 2016 Executive Committee and Officers March 16, 2016 | Houston Harbaugh today announced the election of its three-member Executive Committee and Officers. […] More
  • Federal Court in Pittsburgh Questions Applicability of Kilmer Decision In a recent decision, the federal court in Pittsburgh correctly observed that the Kilmer opinion cannot be blindly asserted as justification for deducting post-production costs in all cases. […] More
  • When the Business of Medicine and the Practice of Medicine Clash Considering restrictive covenants against the backdrop of continuing health care consolidation, the issue is whether physician restrictive covenants survive in Pennsylvania or whether Pennsylvania will follow states like Massachusetts, New Mexico, Delaware and Colorado which ban restrictive covenants for physicians. […] More
  • Rules on Returning Medicare Overpayment Finalized The Affordable Care Act codified that a provider has an affirmative duty to return self-discovered Medicare overpayments. The Final Rule for implementing this ACA mandate was published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on February 6, 2016. […] More
  • Ohio Supreme Court Observes That Driller Cannot Maintain Lease Indefinitely by Paying Delay Rentals Delay rental clauses of the standard oil and gas contract are intended to keep it in force only within the primary term. Once the primary term expires, delay rentals must cease. Landowners should carefully monitor the timing of their rental checks. […] More
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