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  • First Settlement is a Wake-Up Call for Business Associates Working With Health Care Providers The Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights has levied a significant fine against a Business Associate for HIPAA violation. […] More
  • Bergenthal Joins Houston Harbaugh’s Litigation Practice Houston Harbaugh is pleased to welcome Erik M. Bergenthal as an Associate in our Litigation practice. […] More
  • HB 1391: Putting Teeth Back in Pennsylvania’s Minimum Royalty Statute HB 1391 would prevent post-production cost deductions from reducing the landowner’s net royalty below the statutory minimum of 12.5 percent. […] More
  • Wellness Programs Giving Employers a Workout Wellness programs, gaining in popularity in an effort to curb rising healthcare premiums, must comply with a number challenging regulations. The EEOC has recently issued additional regulations that are inconsistent with existing regulations […] More
  • Pennsylvania’s Temporary Medical Marijuana Regulations – What Physicians Need to Know Despite new temporary regulations, it may be difficult for Pennsylvania parents to obtain medical marijuana for their child at this point in time. […] More
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Notices: What to do? Employers have begun receiving Health Insurance Marketplace Notices from the Department of Health and Human Services. Will you need to respond? […] More
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