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  • The Difference Between a “Royalty” and a “Royalty Interest” Can Be Confusing and Costly For Landowners The royalty” vs. “royalty interest” dilemma is rather common and unfortunately affects many landowners each year in Pennsylvania. […] More
  • New Law Permits Employers to Reimburse Employees For Individual Health Insurance Premiums The 21st Century Cares Act will allow small employers that do not offer any group health plan to their employees to adopt a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement to reimburse employees for premiums they pay for individual insurance policies. […] More
  • West Virginia Supreme Court Declares that Minimum Royalty Statute Does Not Authorize the Deduction of Post-Production Costs In a landmark opinion, the West Viriginia Supreme Court declared that the state’s minimum royalty statute, which mandates a minimum royalty of 12.5%, must be calculated and paid without any deductions. […] More
  • Terminating an Employee Soon After Hire: How to Protect Yourself From a Lawsuit The “standard” employment at-will notice used on handbooks, job applications, and offer letters may not be enough to protect employers in a law suit. […] More
  • DOL Salary Increase Requirement Put on Hold Employers are not required to raise anyone’s salary by December 1, 2016 in order to treat them as exempt from overtime pay. […] More
  • Ohio Supreme Court Declines to Adopt Blanket “At the Well” Rule The Ohio Supreme Court punted on the central question of whether gas royalties are to be valued at the wellhead or at the location where the gas is deemed marketable and ruled that the express language in the parties’ oil/gas lease determines the royalty valuation point. […] More
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